At E.J. Breneman, we understand and work to ensure that all our products and services are of the highest standard. So they can connect lives for a lifetime.

An industry leader for over 78 years, E.J. Breneman consistently delivers high-quality services and reliable infrastructure that lasts. We don’t limit ourselves either, as our durable projects span two-thirds of the Eastern United States. In the Marcellus and Utica shale fields of Pennsylvania, we provided a solution when frequent fracking operations began to degrade highways and pose a danger to passersby.

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Environmentally Conscious Construction Services

Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization is the large-scale treatment of an area’s soil to make it safer and more cohesive. This is usually done when operations in the area have altered the stability of the soil in such a way that it is beginning to affect the roadways and pose a threat to public safety.

Using specific treatments in the soil stabilization process, we increase the bearing load capacity of a particular area and improve soil quality to make it more suitable for road construction and maintenance. A safer and much more cost-effective solution than replacing all the soil in an area, soil stabilization saves you time and money by allowing us to make fewer truck trips and give you a shorter construction time.

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Asphalt Pulverization

Asphalt pulverization is a trademark of cost-effective roadway construction. Through the use of this straightforward process, the existing asphalt in an area is ripped up and pulverized, leaving several inches of ground-up asphalt where the roadway used to be.

This then makes it possible for us to go back through, stabilize, address roadway complications and repave the area using the same asphalt that once presented a problem. By allowing us to reform the existing asphalt instead of replacing it, you potentially save thousands of dollars in labor and materials costs without having to lift a finger.

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Full-depth Reclamation

Unlike cold, in-place asphalt recycling, a full-depth reclamation service utilizes the full depth of the pavement, aggregate base, and, in some cases, the soil below. We use this process to repair roads and highways that are cracking and deteriorating due to poor initial construction or changing environmental factors in the area. Full-depth reclamation is much more cost-effective than other industry road repair methods, such as complete reconstruction or major base repair processes. This method is perfect for giving life to new roads and restoring life to old ones.

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Soil Drying/Modification

The soil at construction sites is not always perfect. Oftentimes it’s wet, weak, fine-grained, or just generally problematic. And in the world of construction, problematic means money lost.

That’s why we have innovated over decades of industry work to create the best processes for modifying the soil to your construction needs. Through the use of various lime products, we can effectively dry and modify the soil so that it no longer presents an obstacle to your project but rather lends a hand to get it finished.

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Pneumatic Tank Hauling

Breneman has a fleet of five pneumatic tankers used to haul product from our suppliers to job sites. We supplement our units with a large group of dedicated outside haulers to ensure adequate supply of materials to our projects.
Our fleet provides us an added layer of flexibility to meet critical project schedules.

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