Full Depth Reclamation is the product of hybrid engineering and is the perfect solution to rebuild distressed roadways without destroying the foundations they were built on. And as industry-leading full depth reclamation contractors, we have you covered.

When highway engineers are faced with severely distressed and damaged roadways, they are faced with a choice: rebuild the roadway completely or try to save it.

Using our services, we do both.

This popular method for restoring existing roadways does so at a fraction of the price in a fraction of the time. Not only is the full depth reclamation process effective and budget-friendly, it is also highly eco-friendly and results in a massive reduction in materials used.

EJB Articulated Spreader

Eliminates deep pavement cracks & stops

Completely eliminates deep pavement cracks and stops the formation of crack patterns

Structural integrity

Restores your highway’s structural integrity

Utilizes 100% of the existing roadway

Full depth reclamation utilizes 100% of the existing roadway in the finished product.

Budget reduction of 30-80%

Full depth reclamation cost results in a budget reduction of 30-80% compared to other roadway restoration methods

How It Works

Here's our Process

EJB Full-Depth Rec-Pulverization



Pulverize prior to cement application.

EJB Full Depth Rec- Spreading



Apply stabilizing material

EJB Mixing and Grading


Mix and Grade

Material is mixed with reclaimer and shaped with motor grader prior to compaction.

full-depth reclamation contractors



Stabilized base is overlaid with hot mix asphalt or chip seal.

  • 30-80% Budget Savings
  • Up to 90% less new roadway materials used
  • Significant timeline reduction
  • 50-95% Fewer Environmental pollutants released into the atmosphere by heavy machinery

Reinforced Strength

Other road construction methods make a nasty habit of covering up blemishes and cracks rather than fixing them– leading to poor structural integrity that only worsens over time. However, reclamation targets those cracks at their source, rebuilding and reforming your roadway to stop the formation of deep-pavement crack memory.

This method uses specific road treatments to distribute pressure over a wider area, resulting in less stress on your highway and leading to increased durability and longevity.


Tons of Materials Mixed
Square Yards Treated
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