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E.J. Breneman is small company, but it is only small in the size of its work force and two locations. E.J. Breneman and its exposure is massive. Our web site reaches across the oceans and around the world. Over this past year we have made presentations to the Iraq Government in Washington D.C. and have been approached by the governments in Nigeria, Ghana, Mexico and Australia. Don't worry we have no intention of placing a crew in any of these countries but it is nice to know they are interested in our processes. Our new ALLWAYS GREEN brochure is the only company brochure in the United States that is presented in its entirety on the Federal Highway Associations web site, The Green Highway Initiative.

OUR GOAL is to continue to be a positive influence on the Industry, with an ever expanding and innovative world view. This section offers the most recent news, collateral, and published articles about E.J. Breneman, as well as its team, partners, critical resources and newest technology.

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