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Wyalusing, PA Office

— John M. DeMartino

As you can see by the picture, E.J. Breneman has hung its shingle in yet another location. This time it is in the tiny town of Wyalusing, nestled in the quiet mountains of northern Pennsylvania. That is, they were quiet, until the hustle and bustle of the Marcellus Shale came to town. Now, nearly every employee of E.J. Breneman knows all too well where Wyalusing is.

Like we have reported previously, as the exploration and extraction of natural gas continues to grow in the region, so does EJB's involvement. The more drilling rigs that are put into operation, the more roads are ruined.

We have had crews working to provide safe passage for both residents of the area as well as the crews and equipment of the various gas companies. As traffic has increased, the roads have suffered which has compromised the ability to travel. Since January our crews have worked up to seven days a week, sometimes 24 hours a day to maintain roads as frozen roads turned to slimy goo during the spring thaw. Now as the thaw turns to spring rains, our focus has shifted back to stabilizing roads with cement.

In an effort to manage the crews and provide our superintendants a workplace with a little more room than the front seat of their pickups, we opened this office where we share space with the Wyalusing Chamber of Commerce.

It is here that you'll find Dean Etchberger, Jeff Drum or James Scott working hard on the phone or on their laptops, trying to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature and the gas companies. Additionally, we also have a small garage at this location, allowing us to store supplies, which help keep the crews running.

Approximately two miles from our office is the hub of our activities. This is where we have a yard to store equipment and our cement. At any given time we will have up to 60 tractor trailer loads of cement waiting to be dispatched to a crew. The yard also serves as our makeshift garage where Jim Sloss and Tom Marks do an excellent job working in less than ideal conditions trying to keep everything running smoothly.

In addition to our more experienced foreman, we have many young guys who are short of experience but are very eager to learn. They are doing a great job taking advantage of the opportunity to grow and accepting the additional responsibility of leading a crew.

Once again, it is our attention to detail and our awareness of our customer's demands that is setting us apart from our competitors also working in this region. We look forward to another very busy season from the endless mountains of Northern Pennsylvania.

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