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Asphalt Contractor June/July 2013 Cover Story:
Energy Companies Look for Help When Fracking Operations Degrade Roadways

E.J. Breneman uses FDR to stabilize roads in the Marcellus
and Utica shale fields of Pennsylvania

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The Extra Cost for you to Drive:

WFMZ reports: National study finds
PA road conditions costing you money...

A national research study shows motorist in the Lehigh Valley are paying an extra $1,300 hundred dollars a year due to bad road conditions.

PennDOT officials say they are trying to fix the roads but they are still not sure where the money will come from. ( more... )

Innovative Paving Technology...

E. J. Breneman utilizes new and innovative processes in the business of maintenance and construction of highways. Using Full Depth Reclamation, and Soil Stabilization, we are a leader in the road construction industry. And we'll continue to meet the challenges of the future with honesty and commitment to the highest quality in innovative road construction.


At E.J. Breneman we believe that we are one of the most environmentally aware company in the business, not only in our highway construction and maintenance processes but also in every other business process we use.

E.J. Breneman is committed to environmentally sound projects and business practices:

  • We believe in being environmentally responsible by utilizing products and processes that are safe for the environment, require less use of our natural resources, and promote recycling at all times.
  • We help to conserve our natural resources by promoting reclamation to the fullest extent possible.
  • We adhere to all environmental laws and regulations and voluntarily apply the best technology and best practices to our operations.
  • We are an acknowledged industry leader in protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers.

Attention Municipal/Government Agencies:

Nothing is more critical to the economic survival of your municipality than the effective expansion, repair and upkeep of transportation infrastructure. But, as important as this is, money doesn´t grow on trees… budgetary constraints demand that you find the best value for the highest level of expertise, equipment and materials, along with the absolute shortest down time on major thoroughfares.

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