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Ultra-Thin Hot Mix

What is Ultra-Thin Hot Mix?

Our state-of-the-art Ultra-Thin Hot Mix system combines the strength of hot mix with the flexibility of thin maintenance systems. This process combines a chip seal process with a hot mix process producing a single lift overlay that is significantly thinner (0.75 inch) than traditional hot mix asphalt applied at 1.5 inches thick.

Ultra-Thin Hot Mix is produced in a conventional hot mix plant using PG graded asphalt binders. These asphalt binders can be modified with polymer to meet traffic conditions. The hot mix is an open graded stone on stone matrix mix made with high quality, low polish aggregates that have to meet very strict gradation requirements. All of the components of the mix undergo extensive testing to ensure compliance with a specified mix design.

What are the benefits of Ultra-Thin Hot Mix?

The emergence of Ultra-Thin Hot Mix as a viable and economic addition to the road maintenance toolbox now allows local municipalities to reap the benefits that, until recently, had only been experienced on Interstate projects. In addition:

  • One of the most important advantages is the speed in which Ultra-Thin Hot Mix is applied and cools which allows for a minimal disruption to traffic.
  • The number of trucks required for the job is significantly reduced because of the thin mix and less tonnage of material required to cover an area.
  • Because the roadway need not be milled, additional trucks used for the removal and export of the millings to a storage area will not be needed.
  • The thin lift minimized static loading on bridge decks.
  • The application can be used on either an existing bituminous or Portland cement concrete pavement.
  • Because Ultra-Thin Hot Mix is an open-graded hot mix asphalt, water simply enters the mix and moves between the stone on stone matrix and above the Polymer-Modified Emulsion to storm water outlets and into storm drains.

What is the Ultra-Thin Hot Mix Process?

The hot mix is delivered by conventional dump trucks to a specialized lay-down machine.

  • In the one-pass process, a Polymer-Modified Emulsion is applied as a primer to the existing pavement by the lay-down machine.
  • The Polymer-Modified Emulsion, which acts as a waterproofing membrane and a bonding agent, is followed immediately by the application of the Ultra-Thin Hot Mix.
  • Compaction for the material is typically accomplished using a minimum of one or more steel wheel roller (10 ton minimum weight) operated in static mode.

Typically, unrestricted traffic can be returned to the fresh surface within one half hour. The Ultra-Thin Hot Mix process can be one of the most effective surface treatments for high volume, high speed roads such as interstates, where quick return to traffic is important. In addition, the thin lift eliminates the need for expensive safety alterations to guide rail, shoulders, bridge overpasses and signage.

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Detailed information about EJB´s Ultra Thin Hot-Mix process.

Ultra Thin Hot Mix being placed at night on I 75 FL Ultra Thin Hot Mix being placed at night on I-75 Florida
Ultra Thin Hot Mix being placed at night on I-75, Florida

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