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Better road maintenance begins with better equipment maintenance

The History

Since 1941, E.J. Breneman has maintained a shop for the repair and maintenance of its equipment fleet. Since the beginning, the majority of the maintenance work was supplied to the working aggregate quarry that Breneman operated in Sinking Spring. With large conveyors, crushers and screening plants, it was necessary to maintain welders and fabricators to repair the ever wearing parts of these systems.

As the construction part of the company grew and the hot mix asphalt plants became more productive, it was necessary to move some of the equipment in the winter months to other locations away from the main operations of Breneman. Some equipment was repaired and serviced at the Pottstown location of E.J. Breneman, while other pieces where moved to a more local repair area in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

Breneman realized to stay competitive and to keep its ever expanding fleet of vehicles in good working operation, it needed a more central and more spacious shop area. In early 1990, Breneman constructed a 17,500 square foot shop on the quarry property. This provided sufficient space for Breneman to re-build and service its fleet of construction equipment and highway vehicles at one time.

As Breneman grew and expanded its area of construction and services, it found it necessary to expand its shop repair and service area. In 2008, Breneman rented a shop and office facility in the State of Florida. Any equipment that Breneman has located in Florida or has been transported down to the state for specialized construction is maintained and serviced by the mechanics in the Florida shop.

AllWays Green

A special environmental bay for cleaning the equipment was built into the complex. The building also captured any run-off of liquid materials so no contaminations of the building or the area surrounding the building were permitted. The heating system also was run in an environmentally friendly manner by using and burning old discarded oil.

E.J. Breneman, has always maintained that without good, safe, clean and the most technically advanced equipment, the company would not be effective at the biding table or effective and productive when on a construction site.

General Information

Today, our facilities allow our maintenance mechanics to work on several large pieces of equipment at one time. Our able staff of mechanics performs routine maintenance during the construction season and complete equipment overhauls during the off-season months.

In addition, we have ample space to park the large fleet needed to perform the various construction procedures required by our customers. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our shops.

E.J. Breneman Equipment: Shop

Equipment Shop2 E.J.  Breneman  inside shop at West Lawn location.
E.J. Breneman inside shop at West Lawn location.

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