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Full Depth Reclamation

What is Full-Depth Reclamation?

Unlike Cold In-Place Asphalt Recycling, Full-Depth Reclamation utilizes the full depth of the pavement, aggregate base and, in some cases, the soil or sub-base below. Using Full Depth Reclamation, roads that have cracked and deteriorated as a result of poor substructure are reconstructed and strengthened utilizing a flexible alternative to reconstruction or major base repair processes. Full Depth Reclamation is the perfect solution for giving new life to roads that have cracked and deteriorated as a result of poor sub-structure.

What are the benefits of Full-Depth Reclamation?

The benefits of our Full-Depth Road Reclamation process include:

  • 100% of existing road material is re-used
  • No road material is exported from the project site to be land-filled or discarded as backfill
  • No need to import aggregates or other materials thus saving fuel
  • Minimal impact on adjacent roadways since the amount of construction vehicles is reduced to those delivering additives for the mixing and stabilization processes
  • Weak, deteriorated, and unstable road bases are strengthened
  • Cracking and rutting are eliminated
  • Lower costs for reconstruction compared to many other processes
  • High quality, durable road base materials, uniformly blended and shaped
  • Fast Process - roads can be rebuilt more quickly than conventional reconstruction, thereby reducing inconvenience to the motoring public

Full-Depth Reclamation is an ideal solution for rebuilding weakened pavements for highways, parking lots, airfields and industrial sites.

What is the Full-Depth Reclamation Process?

  1. A specially-designed reclaiming machine pulverizes the existing asphalt pavement along with a pre-determined amount of the road´s underlying base material to eliminate crack patterns and form a new, homogeneous stabilized road base.
  2. Special additives, such as asphalt emulsion, lime, calcium chloride, Portland cement, or Fly Ash are often blended with pulverized materials to further strengthen and stabilize the road base.
  3. The new base is shaped by a motor grader to the proper profile and compacted.
  4. The new asphalt surface treatment or wearing course is added.

This process can be utilized on "dirt" roads as well as paved roads, reusing 100% of the existing road materials.

Paver laid Portland Full Depth Reclamation Paver laid Portland Full Depth Reclamation
Paver laid Portland Full Depth Reclamation

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