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Read about what our customers have to say about our work:

“I was very satisfied with the project E.J. Breneman completed for me, as were the supervisors and the residents of Washington Township.”

Mr. Iggy Klausz, Supervisor
Washington Township, PA

“We appreciated the extra time E.J. Breneman´s staff spent on our job. They made sure everything went smoothly when the work started, and their crew helped to make the project a problem-free, quick job.”

Mr. Doug Piacitelli
Ply-Mar Construction
Norristown, PA

“The workmanship displayed by the E.J. Breneman crew was excellent, as is typical of all road improvements projects constructed by E.J. Breneman.”

Robert Wilpizeski, Director of Public Works
Borough of West Chester, PA

“The entire staff at E.J. Breneman is a pleasure to work with, from the administration staff to sales and all those involved in construction.”

David Mushrush, PWD
West Goshen Township, PA

“The excellent service received from E.J. Breneman before, during and after construction is something you don´t find in today´s construction market. Their foreman always goes above and beyond the contract to insure a high standard of quality.”

Sol Swartz, Public Works Director
Borough of Middletown, PA

“E.J. Breneman completed the contract with all of its employees being concerned that we were satisfied with the finished project.”

J. Bruce Kelly, PWD
Wicomico County, MD

“Always a pleasure dealing with E.J. Breneman. (Your people) are a tremendous asset to the company”

Mr. Tim Tenges, PWD
Lower Nazareth Township, PA

“After one year of service, the Ultra-Thin Hot Mix pavement surfaces E.J. Breneman constructed are in excellent condition (and) appear to be in essentially the same condition as immediately after construction. In, general, E.J. Breneman´s Ultra-Thin Hot Mix process appears to have promise as a preventive maintenance treatment or surface rehabilitation technique (and) provides the maintenance engineer with an alternative to chip seas, micro-surfacing, plant-mix seals or thin asphalt concrete overlays.

Cindy K. Estakhri and Joe W. Button
Texas Transportation Institute, TX

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